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The kitchen is much more than a room for cooking utensils and stove. It is a place for people to gather, to interact and to be creative. bulthaup understood this earlier than most, and still today its kitchen and room systems are continuously subjected to inquiries of what its inhabitants’ requirements and needs might be.

Manufactured with passion and great attention to detail, bulthaup has for decades been a guarantor of kitchens that not only enrich life but also make it easier, mixed with just the right dose of sensuality.

Bulthaup b3 Basel A04 Innenarchitektur Moebel Wishbone Chair
Bulthaup b3 Basel Sideboard Lowboard A04 Innenarchitektur Moebel
Bulthaup b3 wandhaengend Basel A04 Innenarchitektur Moebel
Bulthaup b3 Monobloc Basel A04 Innenarchitektur Moebel
Bulthaup b2 A04 Basel Kuechenwerkstatt Kuechenwerkbank Innenarchitektur Moebel
Bulthaup b2 Basel A04 Innenarchitektur Werkbank Kuechenwerkstatt
Bulthaup b2 Basel A04 Kuechenwerkstatt Innenarchitektur
Bulthaup b3 Basel A04 Moebel Innenarchitektur
Bulthaup b3 Wandpaneel Basel A04 Innenarchitektur Moebel
B Solitaire bulthaup A04 Basel

Would you like more information? We will be happy to help you without obligation at T: +41 61 331 04 04 or bulthaup@a04.ch. Or find inspiration on the bulthaup Website or through the catalogue:

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