— Artemide

Artemide was founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi and has its headquarters in Pregnana Milanese. Over the years, Artemide has contributed greatly to the international development of design with various luminaires that are internationally considered icons of contemporary design and are exhibited in museums of modern art and design.

Today, the Artemide collections represent a unique blend of values: The approach to human and sustainable light combines with the know-how in design as well as material. It combines the latest technology with ancient knowledge: the perfect expression of sustainable design.

Onfale gallery4936460 1920x1080
Tolomeo tavolo gallery4936470 1920x1080
Orsa gallery4936462 1920x1080
Demetra gallery4967268 1920x1080
Aggregato gallery4914104 1920x1080
Dioscuri gallery4750102 1920x1080 2
Tizio gallery4876026 1920x1080
Unterlinden gallery4978932 1920x1080
Gople outdoor gallery4868734 1920x1080

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Artemide Catalogue